Thanks so much for having us on Sunday at the Colleyville location– Everyone had a blast, as usual! I wanted to share with you some inspiring words from a new HopeKids mom about the event on Sunday…

“I just wanted to express my family’s gratitude for this program. We just recently attended our first hope kids event on Saturday, at a trampoline park. What a wonderful thing these venues do, when they give to families like mine. We very rarely get to get out and do things like this, especially as a whole family. Mainly because we can not afford it, due to all of our medical expenses and my hope kid’s limitations. This very much affects the whole family and we are appreciative that his siblings got to have fun with him.
My son recently had surgery on both of his legs due to his bone disease which was a direct effect of his kidney disease. He has a stomach catheter for his kidney dialysis, so he had me tape it up (secure it) so that it would NOT fall out of his shirt during any of the jumping that would take place. 🙂
He was so adamant about getting to jump in that foam pit. Even though he had to rest after walking from the car to inside the building, and many other rest breaks in between….the look on his face when he jumped from the trampoline into those foam squares was priceless!”

Thanks for impacting HopeKids families like this one!

Molly C., Program Manager
HopeKids North Texas | “Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.”
P.O. Box 794794 | Dallas, TX 75379

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