Amanda S., Leader of Willis (TX) ISD Autism Parent Support Group states:

“Parents with children on the Autism Spectrum struggle from day to day to find activities that their children can attend without being overwhelmed with crowds, noises, and/or unwelcoming people. Not only the child with Autism but their siblings and families do not get to participate in activities that other families take for granted. Jumpstreet provides multi-sensory activities and game play for all ages that not only improves balance and motor coordination but social skills and tolerating different types of sensory experiences. Providing a special time for families who have children with special needs such as Autism will help families throughout the Houston area. This is a great way to include children on the Autism Spectrum, increase awareness, and have families celebrate the differences rather than feeling limited.

…On a side note, as a mother, and someone who grew up in Katy and visits family often in Katy, visiting Jumpstreet in Katy Mills Mall is a MUST. The Dodge Ball games are my favorite!”

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