Thank you and Jumpstreet for the special needs Saturday special at 9am.

We went during November for our first time with my 16 yr old son who has a brain malformation and seizures, etc. He LOVED jumping all over the place. He was so active and warm he ended up having seizures. The “bouncer’ was very helpful and brought us water and kept making sure he was safe and if I needed anything. The manager even came over to offer assistance. They were so kind to us that I recommend your play area all the time.

Corey is such a trooper and has taught us so much. After a seizure, drinking water and resting for a short time he was back out jumping and laughing. Next time we know to wear shorts and cool clothing:) He out jumped his sister and her friends.

We are looking forward to fun Saturdays at Jumpstreet and have sent the flyer to my special needs list serv and facebook support groups. I hope you have a great turnout everywhere.

Candice L.

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