Safety First!

At jumpstreet® your safety is our Number One Priority! Through years of research we have developed our patented trampoline system for your enjoyment. We are one of the lead indoor trampoline park companies involved in putting the ASTM safety standards into place and we are a founding member and on the board of directors for the International Association of Indoor Trampoline Parks. Please see below for our very important rules that will assist in keeping you safe and having FUN!

  • All Participants must have a signed waiver before participating in any jumpstreet® activities
  • No Waiver=No entrance. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Ages 18 and older must fill out their own waiver
  • Any participant not yet 18 must have their Parent/Guardian complete waiver jumpstreet® may request you to show a valid id to participate
  • All waivers must be filled out completely. All information is REQUIRED, only exception is email address. If the waiver is not filled out correctly or completely, the participant is considered to not have a waiver and will not be allowed entrance.

Court Rules & Policies

  • NO sitting anywhere on the trampoline court or pads
  • NO jumping, sitting, or standing in the ANY padded areas
  • NO climbing on walls
  • NO rough-housing, wrestling, racing, tackling, shoving, playing tag, etc.
  • NO footballs or any other objects on open court
  • NO touching or leaning on nets
  • NO touching top pads
  • NO food, drink, or gum allowed on court or platform
  • NO belt buckles or studs on clothing, Please remove all keys, keychains, sharp or pointy objects from apparel and pockets
  • NO wearing shoes on court, all jumpers must wear jump socks.
  • NO backflips into the foam pit
  • PLEASE leave shoes, clothing, etc. off of platform and court
  • NO ONE allowed on court without an appropriate wristband
  • NO ONE 4 or younger allowed on open court or dodgeball courts
  • Children given Earthquake Stickers are permitted only the use of Earthquake (Inflatable Areas and 7 and younger trampoline courts)
  • Play at your own risk
  • Jump within your own ability
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Not responsible for children left unattended
  • jumpstreet® has a no outside food or drink policy


Jumpstreet uses electronic waivers at our locations in North Carolina. Please choose your waiver below.


If you are attending a jumpstreet birthday party or group event, be sure to use the according waiver link and enter all of the requested information about your party or group event accurately. Check with your group leader if you are unsure, as this will expedite the check-in process.

All general admission guests without a reservation for a special event will use the general admission waiver.

General Admission Waiver
General Admission Waiver (CLICK HERE)

Reserved Group & Birthday Party Waiver
Event Waiver (CLICK HERE)


Be sure to list all minors of whom you are the legal guardian of on the same waiver to avoid having to fill out any additional waivers. All waivers will be accepted for admission to Jumpstreet for up to one year from the date signed. Guests who appear to be under the age of 25 will be asked to provide photo identification upon check in.

Please Note:

  • All participants must have Jumpstreet jump socks
  • Outside food or drinks are not allowed inside any jumpstreet® facility
  • If you have a booked event/birthday you do have the option to bring in your own Cake and Ice Cream ONLY
  • We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are not able to accept Groupons as payments for Birthday Parties
  • Printable Party Invitations: Click HERE